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Carlos Tevez

MCW Official Brand Ambassador

Carlos Tevez, an Argentinean who has managed a professional football team and was a former player, has joined the Mega Casino World family as the new ambassador.

In his prime, Tevez was a swift, strong, tenacious, energetic, and versatile front who could play as a striker, a winger, a supporting forward, or an attacking midfielder.

Tevez teamed up with Manchester City, a rival of Manchester United. He earned the Premier League Golden Boot in the 2010–11 season, and he claimed the league’s top prize in the 2011–12 campaign.

He was excellent at pressing opponents to help his team win back the ball and initiate attacking plays, making him both defensively and offensively effective. Tevez’s pace, strength, work rate, and stamina made him also very helpful when possession is lost. Tevez was also an adept dribbler, and in addition to having a powerful and accurate long-range shot, he was a skilled free kick and penalty kick taker.

On 2007, Manchester United submitted a proposed two-year loan agreement for Tevez, which was approved. Tevez made his debut on August 15, starting in place of an injured Wayne Rooney in a 1-1 draw with Portsmouth.

Tevez contributed to Manchester United’s successful 2007–2008 UEFA Champions League campaign with five goals.

The fastest goal ever scored in the 2008–09 campaign was his debut UEFA Champions League goal, which he scored against Aalborg BK on December 10 in under two minutes and 41 seconds.

After lengthy discussions, Tevez agreed to a five-year deal with Manchester City, Manchester United’s crosstown rivals, in July 2009.

Tevez was once more chosen to represent Argentina at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. He scored twice during the competition, both times against Mexico in the round of 16. His first goal was a contentious header that he scored while offside when Lionel Messi transferred to him.

While, he was a forward with a strong build who was swift, tenacious, forceful, hardworking, dynamic, and adaptable.

He was named the head coach of Argentine Primera División team Rosario Central on June 2022, not long after declaring his retirement as a player. Tevez held the position for just five months before resigning at the conclusion of the 2022 Argentine Primera División season, citing imminent club director elections.

Tevez earned the Premier League Golden Boot and the league championship in 2011–12.

He moved to Juventus in 2013, where he won two Scudetti among other awards.

Tevez won the Primera División championships in 2017–18 and 2019–20.

He participated in four Copa América competitions and won the Summer Olympics Golden Boot in 2004. He also competed in two FIFA World Cups and one FIFA Confederations Cup.

He has received three awards for South American Footballer of the Year, two for Argentina’s Footballer of the Year, and one for Argentine Sportsperson of the Year.

Additionally, he has three times been included in the South American Team of the Year. In June 2022, he declared his retirement from the game of professional football.

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